Educational Materials

Furbearing Animals: A Renewable Natural Resource

Using furbearing animals as the case study, Furbearing Animals: A Renewable Natural Resource is a 15-minute video designed to stimulate a meaningful conversation about the relationship between humans, animals and nature, and illustrate key environmental concepts in the 5th/6th grade curriculum. It was developed by the Fur Council of Canada, in collaboration with Quebec’s Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, the International Fur Federation and the Canadian Museum of Nature. It is accompanied by a Teacher’s Guide which can be downloaded in PDF format.

Fur: The Fabric of a Nation

This video provides a complete overview of the Canadian fur trade, from its historical origins to modern-day realities. The Canadian fur trade supports a remarkable range of cultures, traditional skills and lifestyles. Total of 26 minutes.

Also download this Companion Piece to the video in PDF format. Ideal for class discussions, it explains each step of production, and places the fur trade in its historical and international context.

For more videos about the fur trade, visit Truth About Fur on YouTube